Love My Greece Art Retreat testimonials

Here’s what some of my guests have to say about the Love My Greece Art Retreat on Aegina island, Greece…

Her knowledge of her beloved Aegina is wonderful

I can recommend Art by Sue Mac Dougall as a fantastic tour guide: she took me to fantastic restaurants (I had a head start in Athens with her on her first tour) and her knowledge of her beloved Aegina is wonderful. Locals greet her everywhere she goes, and she converses with them easily in the Greek language. Our accommodation was great, and there was a great balance of tuition, guided tours and some free time to shop your way home. Highly recommended, I’d love to “gate-crash” again!

Kay De Lautour, Roccasecca, Lazio, Italy

Bernie and Sue Mac Dougall - Aegina

It was a hidden treasure that we had never heard of

Escape the hustle and bustle of Athens on Aegina for a weekend or a week. It was a hidden treasure that we had never heard of until Sue enticed us there.

A short boat trip from the mainland, Aegina, a small island boasts a picturesque port, Temple of Aphaia and olives! Not to mention beaches and views.

We had a wonderful holiday there, Sue was an amazing hostess, sharing the sights, local culture and food

Bernie Landels, United Kingdom

Suzanne - Love My Greece Art Retreat

This trip will give us many happy memories for years to come

We travelled to wonderful Greece – Athens then Aegina and met up with the amazing Sue MacDougall who introduced the group to Greek living and art.

On Aegina, the daily art morning sessions were held in the lovely Rastoni Hotel gardens and at other locations – 2000-year-old olive tree grove and the Temple of Aphaia. These were very inspirational for me, while my husband Mark explored ancient architecture and did some hill climbing.

At lunch, the fresh salads, seafood and specialities of local Greek food were terrific. A warm dip in the Saronic gulf late afternoon then social time getting to know new friends, were among the joys of being there. This trip will give us many happy memories for years to come.

Suzanne and Mark Newman

Claire - Love My Greece Art Retreat

The beauty of being with Sue was that I didn’t feel like ‘just a tourist’

This trip has been the absolute STAR of my travels, on my own, over the last few years.

Sue was a “local” for many years, and with her organising skills, her depth of knowledge of the people and the environment,the experience was simply unparallel.

She is bright and positive and everywhere we went we were made to feel so welcome.
Sue met us in Athens and introduced us to her favourite spot in Athens.

Then off to Aegina next morning on the ferry.
We walked into the village that Sunday evening which was magic, and then the next morning under the beautiful trees in the Hotel garden, all set up ready, we began out painting journey. No matter what level of experience Sue was patient and encouraging and at the end of an amazing week we all had finished work.

Choosing just one of the many highlights for me, was visiting the studio of an Artist friend of Sue’s. I came away with a gorgeous silk wrap with one of her paintings worked into it, plus a silk top with another of the Artists work.

I would absolutely recommend this trip.
We followed the week of painting with a week of cooking on the Island of Poros. Another friend of Sue’s.

The beauty of being with Sue was that I didn’t feel like ‘just a tourist’

Thankyou Sue.

Claire Beaven

Delwyn - Love My Greece Art Retreat

Sue provided the most amazing experience and environment to learn to paint

 Being a newbie to the world of Art it was truly an idyllic experience being on the island of Aegina, Greece learning the basic concepts of painting whilst absorbing the Grecian culture and way of life.

Sue generously shared her knowledge and love for Greece as she taught us – a group of strangers who quickly became great friends – how to mix colours, understand light and composition etc as we sketched and painted under the shady pistachio trees or amongst the ancient ruins and olive trees under the Mediterranean blue sky and its hot sun.

I was thrilled and delighted that after a short time I was able to come away with my very own personal ‘masterpiece’ and the inspiration to continue with my new-found passion of painting. A wonderful way for anyone to start or build upon their love of painting by a warm and caring artist with a flare and passion for sharing can be found by going on your own Greek Painting Holiday with Sue.

Delwyn Keyworth