Love My Greece Art Retreat: Your journey to Athens, then to Aegina island

Where is Aegina and how do you get there?

Aegina Greece - Temple of Aphaia with views of Agia marina and Saronic Gulf

Aegina is one of the Saronic Islands of Greece in the Saronic Gulf, 27 kilometres from Athens.

Aerial view of Piraeus port in Athens

Aegina is approximately 40-50 minutes by boat from Piraeus, the main port in Athens.

Getting to Athens International Airport*

* Not included in the retreat package price or itinerary

You will need to make your own flight arrangements to Athens International Airport.

You can choose to fly into Athens on the morning the retreat starts, or arrive a few days earlier to give you time to get over jet lag. If you choose to arrive a few days early you will need to organise your own accommodation for those extra days and the cost of this is not included in the retreat package. Most people find arriving a few days early helpful.

If you would like help with arranging your flights to Athens please refer below.

Travelling from New Zealand

I’ve partnered with Richard Fletcher at Art Travel, a TAANZ Bonded Travel Agency based in Auckland for my fellow New Zealand travellers. Richard and his team at Fine Travel would love to assist you in planning your journey to Greece. You can reach Richard at or call them at 0800 00 3463. They’ll ensure your travel arrangements align seamlessly with our retreat dates and activities.

Travelling from other countries

Please get in touch to discuss options.

Getting to Athens port, Piraeus, from Athens International Airport *

* Not included in the retreat package price or itinerary

If you choose to arrive on the day of the retreat a taxi can be arranged for you from Athens airport to the port, or you can arrange your own transport either via taxi, bus or train (see below for more information). 

If you have chosen to stay a few extra days in Athens prior to the retreat starting, a taxi can be arranged for you from the airport to your accommodation, and from your accommodation to the port on the morning the retreat starts. You are most welcome to arrange your own transport by taxi, bus or train (see below for more information).

IMPORTANT: If you would like your taxi to be organised for you you will need to confirm this at the time you book your retreat. 

Getting to the Port of Pireus by taxi

When you are looking for a bit more comfort, you can take a taxi from the airport to Piraeus (to Gate E8). Taking a taxi is usually quicker than the bus (of course, dependent on the traffic). The ride is usually between 30 and 45 minutes. The charge is between €57 to €75.

Getting to the Port of Pireus by bus

The most economical way to reach the Port of Piraeus is to take the shuttle bus. You will find the shuttle bus when you leave the arrivals hall. Take shuttle bus X96, which takes you straight to the Port of Piraeus. During the day, there is a bus leaving about every 20 minutes, during the night, they run every half hour. The bus stops several times on the way. The Port of Piraeus is about the last stop.

Getting to the Port of Pireus by train

You can also get directly to the port by train. The train platforms are located within the airport. The train journey lasts approximately 60 minutes. The trains run every hour.

Getting to the island of Aegina

Upon your arrival at the port on the day the retreat starts you will be met by, Sue Mac Dougall your retreat hostess, and will travel to Aegina via ferry. The journey from the port to Aegina is approximately 40 to 50 mintues.