Sue Mac Dougall, Love My Greece Art Retreat

Your Love My Greece Art Retreat hostess: Sue MacDougall

Hello, I’m Sue, the hostess and creator of the Love My Greece Art Retreat. I would like to introduce myself, and thank you for taking the time to visit my website, and for considering joining me on one of my exclusive Greek Island art retreat holidays.

I was born in New Zealand but spent many years living in the beautiful Mediterranean country of Greece. This included spending time on the charming Greek Island, Aegina where I hold my all-inclusive Greek Island art retreats. Now based back in New Zealand, I continue to run my popular Greek Island art retreats on Aegina annually.

My passion for Aegina shines through in the carefully planned experiences I design for my guests; from savouring authentic Greek cuisine, to exploring hidden gems off the beaten path, participants are enveloped in the island’s cultural tapestry, infusing their artwork with the essence of Greece.

A creative journey – art reflecting life

Sue Mac Dougall - Beautiful flowers painting artwork

I’m an established artist who celebrates all things bright and bold in my personal style, and artistic creations. My journey as an artist has been a vibrant and joyful one. Greece has always been a significant source of inspiration for my art. Its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and the timeless charm of Aegina have deeply influenced my creative journey.

The beautiful sunsets, picturesque coastline, and the rich tapestry of life on the island provide me with endless opportunities to explore and capture the essence of Greece in my artwork. Every visit to Aegina feels like a reunion with the heart of artistic expression and a celebration of the joy of creating amidst the natural beauty of this enchanting place.

To see some of my work you are welcome to visit my online art gallery I’m known for my evocative paintings that capture the essence of nature’s beauty, and bring my expertise and passion to each retreat. My unique teaching approach combines technical skill-building with an emphasis on personal style, encouraging attendees to discover their individual artistic voice.

Sue Mac Dougall - Beautiful flowers painting artwork

Creating enchantment and eager anticipation

As the driving force behind these retreats, I strive to create an inspiring atmosphere where art lovers can fully immerse themselves in creativity, absorb Greek culture, and experience the magic of Aegina under my expert guidance. My intimate knowledge and profound affection for Aegina infuse every aspect of the retreat, guiding our guests through cultural explorations and artistic expression.

Sue Mac Dougall - Love My Greece Art Retreat hostess on balcony of Rastoni hotel

Sue Mac Dougall, Love My Greece Art Retreat hostess, on the balcony at the Hotel Rastoni during an art workshop.

Love My Greece Art Retreat - Sue Mac Dougall and guest drawing stairs in front of Aphaia Temple

Sue MacDougall assisting a guest in sketching stairs at her Love My Greece Art Retreat near the Aphaia Temple.

Sue Mac Dougall inside Aphaia museum

Sue Mac Dougall at the Aphaia museum.

Sue Mac Dougall invites you on her greek island art retreat

An invitation to energise your mind, body, and soul in Aegina’s mediterranean charm

I look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to the magical Greek island, Aegina, in September 2024. My commitment to fostering connections and nurturing artistic growth shines through in every detail. Join me on this unforgettable artistic journey, and together, let’s rediscover the pure joy of creation and cultural exploration in the warm embrace of Aegina’s Mediterranean charm.

Sue Mac Dougall, Hostess of Love My Greece Art Retreats